Boost performance of your
company's best asset


Companies have no gauge on productivity of its mobile workforce given that only the results of tasks/customers calls are reported at the end of day/ period.

Productivity may be diminished by:

 Bogus customer calls;

Tardiness; unregulated under - time (less actual working hours) by personels;

Delayed remittance of cash collections; and

Delayed collection reports that are needed by Treasury/ Top Management for business decisions.

To benchmark individual productivity, comparative scorecards among field personnel of the same nature of works are not readily available or difficult to maintain. Quality of customer service may suffer due to low productivity level by field personnel.


The Field Personnel Management app was designed to boost employee productivity and will allow management to:

Plan itinerary/tasks of mobile personnel and send itinerary into mobile device

Implement mobile reporting of task accomplishments or field works status by field personnel;

Automatically validate personnel location at the time of reported customer call vs. actual location address of the customer.

Generate productivity scorecards per personnel on daily, monthly and other periodic basis.

Generate consolidated productivity reports for company, unit or branch on daily, monthly or other periodic basis.

Improve customer service satisfaction level due to the fact that field personnel is actually able to visit and address needs or issues.