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An IT Consulting company. Gearing ourselves up to be your ideal business partner for your software refinement needs. Backed by almost a decade of experience in web and mobile application development, we deliver tailor-made software solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Mobile, Web, Html5, Umbraco
Html, Css, Umbraco
Umbraco, css, html
Umbraco, css, html
Mobile, Web, Html5, Umbraco
Mobile, Web, Html5, Umbraco

Game Development

Scaleform / Game Development
Game Developement

Helps you develop games and utilize device capabilities to deliver exceptional user experiences across phones, tablets, desktops, and more. Using scaleform development and custom app options to ensure exceptional results with maximum flexibility.

Scaleform / Game Development
Mobile Application

Accelerate Desk Business Solutions, Inc is capable of helping you reach your target customers through mobile application development. We are specializes in designing and developing mobile applications for various platforms such as Android and iOS Platform.

Scaleform / Game Development
Enterprise Application

Through Accelerate Desk Business Solutions, Inc get the capabilities to stay secure and in control with context-aware enterprise mobility management, analytics and collaboration you need to create mobile application that offers flexible deployment models, including cloud and on-premise management, to fit the needs of your business.

Mobile Development

Android Application
Lean Asset

Companies have no gauge on productivity of its mobile workforce given that only the results of tasks/ customers calls are reported at the end of day/ period.

Productivity may be diminished by:

Bogus customer calls;

Tardiness; unregulated under - time (less actual working hours) by personnels;

Delayed remittance of cash collections; and

Delayed collection reports that are needed
by Treasury/ Top Management for business decisions.

To benchmark individual productivity, comparative scorecards among field personnel of the same nature of works are not readily available or difficult to maintain. Quality of customer service may suffer due to low productivity level by field personnel.

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